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Strategic Collaborations

Bring Positive Results

We have engaged with many informed clients and together have generated worthwhile and important outcomes that have helped move their goals, work, and strategic plans forward. Here are what a few have told us:

Bill Hickey, AIA, CID, LEED®-AP, Principal, Collaborative Design Group, Inc., Minneapolis, MN

Martin & Guerin Design Research led a significant research effort for Collaborative Design Group, conducting a wide-ranging literature review covering 53 topic areas identified collaboratively with the design team, documenting findings from systematic, person-centered behavioral mapping observations, and organizing and leading an extensive series of client interviews and staff peer-to-peer focus groups. Their work was essential in developing a solid, evidence-based foundation for our design work for Hennepin County.

Bill Coldwell, Facility Development and Asset Manager, Donaldson Company, Bloomington, MN

I appreciated Caren’s thoughtful, analytical, and thorough approach to the issue of pre and post-occupancy surveys. She listened to what we were trying to do – that is, to get solid data about “how we were doing so far” in our Workplace 2020 program, and that we wanted to use the data to make some mid-course adjustments if needed. Indeed, we’d heard “rumblings” but nothing quantifiable. Caren’s approach helped us quantify what we were doing right, and what we need to improve upon. From the Martin & Guerin report, we were able to present data to the users, and to have an open dialogue about what wasn’t working, why, and how it could be improved. The survey’s value was in opening up that dialogue, and specifically in enabling us to hone-in quickly on problem areas in a factual, non-threatening way.

Lisa Whited, NCIDQ, MS, Principal, Workplace Transformation Facilitation, Portland, Maine

The research Martin & Guerin Design Research did for me was excellent. I asked Caren and Denise to provide evidence-based explanations for the pre- and post-occupancy data I had collected from a client’s project. They put the data into usable, easy-to-understand language that can be shared with my client and prospective clients via a Project Case Study. Caren and Denise are experts in their field and also a joy to work with - I highly recommend that you get them on your team now!

Jay Farbstein, PhD, FAIA and Melissa Farling, FAIA, Chairs, AIA AAJ Research Committee

We worked with Martin & Guerin Design Research on the second phase of research summaries for the AIA Academy of Architecture for Justice. Their experience and professionalism were a great help to the research committee. They were a joy to work with and their ability to translate overwhelming amounts of scientific and technical information into concise user-friendly summaries offers a tremendous value to our members.

Sharlyn Thacker, CID, ASID, LEED Fellow, WELL AP, Chapter Administrator

Thanks again for your wonderful course, Implementing Evidence-Based Design as a Design Approach to interior designers, architects, and design students hosted by the Virginia Chapter of ASID. It was refreshing to have a deep dive into thought provoking material – methods, critical thinking, applied knowledge. I plan to revisit your course materials in the near future to consider my approach and time allocation for information gathering versus research.

Holly Mattson, Executive Director, Council for Interior Design Accreditation (CIDA)

Martin & Guerin Design Research, LLC has provided exceptional service in exploring complex issues, assessing and discerning relevant information, honing meaningful project goals/outcomes, and communicating results in a timely and clear manner. Martin and Guerin also engaged us as clients, formulating questions that elicited thoughtful dialogue and supported strategic decision-making.