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Welcome to Martin & Guerin Design Research! For over 15 years
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Our global experience in teaching, learning, and evaluation can provide you with teaching strategies and curriculum that increase your students' learning potential. We can help you become better teachers and assist with curriculum development.


Design must support people's health and safety; design must nurture people's well-being too. Our research team can provide designers with knowledge to enhance clients' satisfaction, comfort, and happiness regardless of age, environment, or culture.
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New EBD Course Available for HSW Credits!

Dec 18, 2015

Implementing Evidence-Based Design (EBD) as a Design Approach
An in-person presentation by Caren Martin, PhD
Available for AIA and IDCEC Health, Safety, & Welfare credits!

An EBD-approach to the design process ...

New Well-Being Course Available!

May 14, 2015

Changing People’s Lives: Interior Designs that Focus on Well-Being (and Health & Safety!)
An in-person presentation by Denise Guerin, PhD

This course provides interior designers, architects, facility managers, and ...

POEs for Environments

Apr 10, 2015

Pre- and post-occupancy evaluations (POEs) measure occupants' perceptions of their physical environments. They are effective and efficient methods of collecting occupants' inputs and measuring design outcomes from the users' perspectives. Completing a pre-occupancy evaluation, prior to the design of and move into ...