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Consulting Services

Let us help you engage in an evidence-based design approach and move your design research agenda forward

Martin & Guerin Design Research

  • Provides design practitioners with research that informs their design process to create design solutions to better meet building occupants' needs, and enhance and support their well-being, satisfaction, safety, security, comfort, privacy, and performance.
  • Assists the firm in developing benchmarking standards based on the firm’s previous work.
  • Educates designers on the knowledge and process required to engage in an evidence-based design (EBD) approach—it can be an incremental process.
  • Develops industry standards (metrics) to measure indoor environmental quality (IEQ) outcomes.
  • Provides pre-design and post-occupancy evaluation evidence that supports sustainable design practice.

Design Research

We can improve your research strategies or get you started using an EBD-approach. Here are some examples of our consulting services regarding design research:

Pre-design (prior to schematic design)

  • Literature review of the best available evidence, based on the needs of the design team with a focus on peer-reviewed sources, transformed into practitioner-friendly language
  • Evaluation of building occupants based on design goals to inform your design decision-making using a pre-tested, customized survey instrument
Programming research
  • Person- or place-centered behavioral analysis observations
  • Focus group organization and facilitation; peer-to-peer cross unit or unit-based
  • Occupant, client, or leadership interviews
Schematic design or design development
  • Collaborate and/or advise the design team to ensure the design outcomes reflect the research findings or evidence uncovered during pre-design; participation in design reviews
Post-occupancy (one year after the new/renovated space is occupied)
  • Evaluation of building occupants to determine measurable outcomes based on comparative analysis of the pre-design evaluation of occupants. The combination of a pre-design and post-occupancy evaluation is the gold standard of occupant research. This knowledge enables continuous improvement from the building owner’s standpoint and/or confirmation of a best practice approach for the design team.

We also can consult with you for other research-related services, whether you are part of a design team or the building owner/manager, or leadership for the organization or business:

  • Develop custom tutorials and/or training sessions about EBD for your firm or a specific design team.
  • Assist the design firm in database development from an organizational standpoint—so you can find what your firm already knows and enhance use of existing and new information by all design team members.
  • Assist the design team in formulating a proposal in response to an RFP.
  • RFP creation, review, and/or evaluation for clarity, organization, and accessible language.
  • Third-party/independent review of proposals

Design Research Education

We can work with you to introduce or expand your understanding of the relationship between design and human behavior research. We can work with you to develop curriculum for your design team, firm, working group, or academic course:

  • Presentation of continuing education programs developed to meet your specific parameters regarding topic or focus, duration, and level of knowledge.
  • Work with you to refine your own in-house presentations or other educational materials.
  • Guest lecturing or mini-course presentations about evidence-based design.

Design Writing and Analysis

We can help you refine your writing clarity, develop proposals, and write for professional publications:

  • Development of white papers or case studies working collaboratively with you.
  • Construction of literature reviews bases on a topic or issue you identify.
  • Environmental scans and/or gap analyses identified collaboratively.
  • Writing for hire or ghost writing.
  • Editing of proposals.