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New EBD Course Available for HSW Credits!

by Caren Martin

Dec 18, 2015   Share on Facebook Share on Facebook    Comments (0)

Implementing Evidence-Based Design (EBD) as a Design Approach
An in-person presentation by Caren Martin, PhD
Available for AIA and IDCEC Health, Safety, & Welfare credits!

An EBD-approach to the design process enables designers to formulate design solutions that are grounded in “evidence,” resulting in measurable outcomes for the client. However, how does the designer “prove” that the office increases productivity, classrooms support student learning, the senior living facility enhances quality of life, or that a graphic identity system improves wayfinding through a hospital—all health, safety, and welfare impacts on building occupants This course will enable attendees to define and understand EBD principles, identify EBD tools, and begin to engage in EBD. Benefits and challenges will be examined in context with the traditional design process.

AIA Approval: EBD104380 (6 LU/HSW)
IDCEC Approval CEU-104380; .6 HSW (6 hours)
Intermediate- to Advanced-Level Content
Presentation: in-person, maximum 150 attendees
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