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New Well-Being Course Available!

by Caren Martin

May 14, 2015   Share on Facebook Share on Facebook    Comments (0)

Changing People’s Lives: Interior Designs that Focus on Well-Being (and Health & Safety!)
An in-person presentation by Denise Guerin, PhD

This course provides interior designers, architects, facility managers, and others with in-depth knowledge of well-being factors and outcomes that they design for in their daily practices. Participants will focus briefly on documenting health and safety design outcomes that are within the purview of interior designers. The majority of the course defines and documents well-being evidence in which design has changed people’s lives. Interactive exercises completed by participants will provide them with ways to articulate how they design for well-being.

IDCEC Approval CEU-103637; .6 HSW (6 hours)
Intermediate Level Content
Presentation fee is $1,500, plus expenses
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