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POEs for Environments

by Denise Guerin

Apr 10, 2015   Share on Facebook Share on Facebook    Comments (0)

Pre- and post-occupancy evaluations (POEs) measure occupants' perceptions of their physical environments. They are effective and efficient methods of collecting occupants' inputs and measuring design outcomes from the users' perspectives. Completing a pre-occupancy evaluation, prior to the design of and move into a new environment, can provide designers with knowledge of evidence-based occupant needs. Additionally, these outcomes can establish scores or benchmarks with which outcomes can be compared. POEs can provide designers and business owners with user feedback and design assessment to determine successes and recommendations for fine-tuning of environments. On-line questionnaires are generally used by researchers to collect data about such issues as occupants' perceptions of how the designed environment influences their satisfaction, performance, or health. Overall indoor environmental quality (IEQ) can be assessed or specific issues such as ergonomics, privacy, lighting, aesthetics, etc., can be assessed to determine how work, play, and living environments influence people's well-being. Further, POEs can follow specific design guidelines such as sustainable design standards or reflect a design team's goals such as improved employee collaboration.