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by Caren Martin

Mar 19, 2015   Share on Facebook Share on Facebook    Comments (0)

InformeDesign® serves as an evidence-based design (EBD) searchable database for practitioners, educators, students, and researchers in architecture, interior design, landscape architecture, graphic design, housing and urban planning, and urban design around the globe. In summer 2014, InformeDesign® is being re-launched as an enhanced site that will support these professionals as they use an EBD-approach to design. They can continue to use current, research-based information to make decisions in their EBD practices. Designers, educators, researchers, and students will have many ways to make their own contributions to InformeDesign®! The Research Summaries (RSs) will continue to be the core of the site with over 2,400 of them already in the database. RSs transform research findings from journal articles into evidence-based design criteria and are 2-3 pages long, written in practitioner-friendly language. The re-launched InformeDesign® will become the "one-stop" for EBD. To learn more about the re-launch or how to become a Cornerstone Partner, visit the site at or contact Caren Martin at