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New EBD Course Available for HSW Credits!

by Caren Martin

Dec 18, 2015   Share on Facebook Share on Facebook    Comments (0)

Implementing Evidence-Based Design (EBD) as a Design Approach
An in-person presentation by Caren Martin, PhD
Available for AIA and IDCEC Health, Safety, & Welfare credits!

An EBD-approach to the design process enables designers to formulate design solutions that are grounded in “evidence,” resulting in measurable outcomes for the client. However, how does the designer “prove” that   Read More...

Evidence-Based Design

by Caren Martin

Mar 06, 2015   Share on Facebook Share on Facebook    Comments (0)

EBD is a design process approach to determine a design solution that is based in "evidence." Selection of design consultants frequently rests on their ability to provide evidence that a design solution will have certain outcomes. How do design practitioners "prove" that the design of a new office can increase employees' productivity? That providing access to a healing garden can accelerate discharge rates from the hospital? That the design of new classrooms can increase student learning? That design of a Web site can increase its use? That creation of a graphic identity system   Read More...